Chuck Harbaugh — Gathering Images

When asked what would be the best advice he could give to other photographers, the legendary Steve McCurry answered, “leave home”.

I’ve definitely taken his advice and have traveled extensively, inside and outside the United States, always with a camera around my neck. The more I’ve become dedicated to photography, the more I feel it’s widened my vision and fascination with the places I visit.

I’m inspired by many artists — both photographers and painters. One in particular is Georgia O’keeffe. Her work includes landscapes, and she mostly dispenses with the realism and meticulous detail shown in traditional landscape paintings and photography. Her paintings are both abstract and representative at the same time. There are many artists that do this and it seems their art is what I’m drawn to most.While I’m not a painter, I’m comfortable with digital manipulation and use it to reach a more personal interpretation of what I see, and what I feel, when I leave home.

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