Full Circle

My dad gave me his Argus Viewfinder in 1968, it was my first “real” camera and it set me on a course of visual communications I've followed ever since. I’ve hung on to the Argus, it sits on my desk, begging for a roll of slide film. Maybe it's disappointed I chose graphic design as a career. But as a designer, photography has been a big part of my work. I've partnered with pro-photographers on projects and learned how they operate to get just the right shot we need to bring a message across visually.

I’m retired now but still need a creative outlet in my life. I take my own photos and use them as a starting point to express myself on what I find interesting and compelling. I draw from my graphics background and digital processing experience to develop my artwork. Sometimes this means compositing multiple photos together or adding textures on top of my images. Yes, Photoshop and other digital software are my valuable assistants in helping me create the lighting, color and mood I'm looking for. My hope is that through this website you’ll find images you enjoy...that speak to you in some way. 

And if that's the case, let's not forget my art is for sale. Pricing is dependent on a number of factors such as which image, size, framing and for what purpose. I will eventually have a more systematic process, but for the time being, please contact me directly.  

Finally, thank you for visiting my website and please come again as I'm continuing to add new images.

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