Hello, my name is Chuck Harbaugh, welcome to my creative photography website. I’ve been a graphic designer here in Seattle for over 30 years and for the last 22, I’ve run my own business, Harbaugh Design. Now I'm at the point in my career that I'm doing my own photography, some for my design clients but mostly for my own self expression and interests. I shoot around Seattle and Skagit Valley, the places I know best. On the flip side, I love travel photography. Capturing images of people, cultures and the natural beauty of places I'm unfamiliar with, gives me an immense sense of satisfaction. When I return to my studio, I analyze what I've shot and select the photos that are worth post-processing for display. Sometimes I'll paint over my images, change colors or add textures. I often composite photos together to expand a visual story. If I am successful, the images I produce will “speak” to the viewer and evoke interest and emotion.


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