Feather Weight 

Welcome, and thank you for visiting to my website. You'll find two distinctly different approaches to my art here. The first, an abstract series, is my most recent work. They are spontaneous and fluid in nature. I've woven earth tones together while trying my best to retain a lightness to the overall feeling. Motion is another element I try to bring out, as though the photographs (yes, all originate as photos) are landscapes taken from a moving car. I enjoy the controlled chaos of abstract expression and have had that chaos in mind while building these images.

My other works are obviously photos or a combination of multiple photos. They are more deliberately thought out compositions than my abstracts. Even with my landscape photos, it's hard not see the illustrative qualities. The painterly feeling I've given them seems to connect more with my minds eye.

 I've made graphic design a career and as a visual person I've always looked at design and art with a critical eye as to whether it accomplishes it's goals. Here the goal is nothing more than a creative outlet to express my thoughts and emotions. If others see value in what I've done, than that's wonderful as well.

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